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Nov 4, 2013 6:00pm EST
minister after a drone strike killed the leader of the taliban in his country. they said they were about to start negotiations and was angry with washington for launching the attack the day before talks were due to begin. it is the latest promo and in an already tense relationship, one that is covered in the new book ." gnificent delusions i am joined by the former ambassador to the united states. the pakistani government has accused the americans of trying to sabotage these talks. how much has the drone killing of massoud, located the relationship? >> the relationship is sufficiently complicated that anyone event -- that said, the pakistani position has been harsh. the americans did not expect that reaction. an emphasis was put on bilateral targets, at pakistani request. talk tod, we intend to this guy. please do not kill him. there is a difficult pattern of u.s.-pakistan relations. to something the americans think they should not react to. >> that shows the communication. whate problem remains that pakistan once in the united states is not what that says it wants from the united states
Nov 1, 2013 6:00pm EDT
." the pakistani taliban tells the bbc a u.s. drone strike has killed its leader, one of the world's most wanted men. gunmen opening fire at los angeles national airport, killing a security agent and winning several others. and first moscow, now berlin, former american contractor edward snowden says he will help a u.s. -- a german investigation into u.s. surveillance programs. >> welcome to our viewers on public television in america and also around the globe. a high-ranking taliban official says the leader of the taliban and pakistan has been killed in a u.s. drone strike. the missiles are said to have targeted his house and his car in the north, as a meeting was underway. others, including his brother, are also reported to have died in the attack. richard galpin is following developments from islamabad. i spoke with him just a short time ago. richard, what has been the reactions to the death? >> certainly amongst politicians here in islamabad, particularly the opposition, there has been real dismay about what has happened. some of them describing it as a deliberate attempt by the united
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2